March Newsletter


Welcome to those of you who recently joined our California Standards and Technology in the Classroom self-paced course!  Please feel free to share this signup link with your colleagues.

Have you used yet?  The site curates articles in reference to the key words you choose.  You can develop a page for any subject you teach that updates regularly.  Here is an example of pages based on these these topics:

CCSS and Technology in the Classroom

Online Presentation Tools

This is an interesting article that came up recently in one of the collections – check it out:

Five mistakes to avoid when using technology as a teaching tool

Have you used Wordle?  For the presentation this month at CUE, using Wordle  and the tech-related Common Core Standards, these were some of the key words that emerged:










How can you focus on these key words with your students?

Here are some great ideas for Wordle use–

How to use Wordle

45 Interesting Ways To Use Wordle In The Classroom

Wordle and are just two of the applications that will be included in the CUE session on March 16th.  If you have any prodigious tech tools that you would like to recommend to use for integrating technology and the standards, please submit them here.  Any tools submitted by March 10th will be featured on this website.

If you would like to join us this spring, TeachStar Online Academy courses start April 14th, and registration is open until April 7th.  Check out the schedule here:

Use LOVE2LEARN as a promo code to get a $20 discount on your course registration.     (Does not apply to VPSS.)


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